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Parents are welcome on campus at any time and encouraged to observe as often as possible as long as it is not disruptive to their children.  As part of the ongoing educational process and goal for families to further understand the Montessori Philosophy and appreciate the quality of our programs, all families are highly encouraged to have at least one parent observe for a minimum of one hour in a morning program between October and May annually as part of the Enrollment Agreement.  Observations begin at 8:30 in the two’s classrooms, 9:00 in all five pre-school/kindergarten classes, and end at 11:00.  Please do not bring siblings to this observation.  If observing in your child’s classroom would be disruptive, please observe in another class except for infants and toddlers.  Contact the office at 925-283-6036 to schedule a visit and check in with administrative staff at the end of your visit to get credit for completing this requirement.

DVMS also invites and encourages all parents to attend scheduled Education and Information nights during the school year. Examples include, but are not limited to “Parent Orientation”, “Montessori 101”, “Help Me Do It Myself”, or “What’s Next for My Two-Year Old?”  Additionally, parent teacher conferences are held at all levels.

Please refer to the DVMS Calendar or call the office to find out when the Education nights will be offered next.

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